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Best Android Weather Apps for Android

Remember those days when you had to switch your Television on or had to get the local newspaper to see the weather forecast of the current day? Everybody does. Well, those days were a mess. With no technology, life was simple. Every task was done manually and no machines were used for easy progress. The situation that we are about to give you has happened with everyone at least once in their entire life. Imagine you have planned an outdoor day with your family and friends. You go out, it’s a lovely day. And then, in no time, dark clouds hover over you. Well, that’s something to curse on. Right?

We all know that this is an age to be smart. With on growing technology, one can do almost any task with the help of computers and artificial intelligence. From phones to watches, televisions to computers, shoes to hand bands, everything is becoming high-tech day by day. Even information spreading has become technical nowadays. With the growing use of smartphones, one can get details about other places just with a tap.

Best Android Weather Apps for Android

So, what about the weather? What if we told you that you don’t need to depend on your idiot box or the local newspaper to get the details about the weather. Exactly. We have mentioned some of the best weather forecast applications for an Android smartphone to help you plan your day well.

Here, We’ve summed up the best weather forecast applications you can get on your android smartphones and that too for FREE!

Today Weather

Today weather is a new application that has been published recently by their developers. But, this one already has a handful of fame as compared to the other weather forecast applications. With its simple and elegant user interface, one can check the weather at any time and also of any part of the world whether it is the United States or Europe. As we all love dark themes, Today Weather app has a simple black interface which looks cool and amazing to the user.

The user can select countries and source for the weather info which comes from many trusted sources such as AccuWeather, Dark Sky, and, which is a Norwegian forecasting service that can produce more accurate forecasts for many parts of the world that aren’t America. This app also greets its user with his/her name and that makes the user experience more genuine and interesting.

Yahoo Weather

Personally saying, Yahoo weather is the king of all the weather applications in terms of its user experience. It has been powered by Weather Underground, which is a trusted source for Yahoo’s weather information. Weather Underground is accurate and precise for almost every location in the whole world. The User interface of this amazing application involves beautiful pictures of the location that you are viewing the weather of.

The pictures are generally taken from Flickr, which is Yahoo’s official picture service. It shows you images of different places such as Walt Disney World and New York City. You are likely to get bumped by a new image every time you check the application for weather details. The user interface is easy, as it lets you swipe up and down to see various locations. It is a great app for checking weather forecasts of multiple locations quickly, accurately and with the trust of Yahoo!

Dark Sky

Dark Sky. As the name suggests, it is a weather forecasting app available on the traditional Google Play Store. It is a genuine application for the people that need to get accurate details about rain, snow and any other geographical weather conditions. Dark Sky app has an amazing “Hyper-Local” feature which can give you precise details about the location you are currently in.

It can tell you when it’s going to rain and then in no time, drops will be falling on you. Its notifications system is pretty cool too. It notifies you of the weather conditions beforehand so that you can plan your day well and be prepared for what’s coming next. Dark Sky features a “Do Not Disturb” mode for nosy sleepy heads, who don’t like to get disturbed in the middle of their sleep.


And here we present you 1Weather, the weather forecasting application that has a mind-blowing interface. But there is one downside to using this application. This app has some ads which pop out of nowhere between you and your weather details. Though you can use this app for free, it also has a one time purchase of 1.99$ to get rid of the ads.

1Weather has some bugs which are being fixed continuously. Several Widgets make this app more interesting, beautiful and advanced than the others. You can customize the widgets for all 7 days of the week according to your choice and will.


This is the app we talked before in the Today Weather application section. Users use this app for only one reason, and that is its accuracy, which is better than any of the applications combined. It has a large collection of pre-loaded developer widgets that help you to get your weather details at an ease. AccuWeather has a nice user interface which also comes with a pre-installed Dark Theme for the dark lovers like us.

AccuWeather has a “Minute Cast” feature which helps you to see the minute by minute alterations in the ecological precipitation. Hard to understand? It’ll tell you how many minutes are remaining till rain or snowfall starts. This application makes it impossible for the user to download and use another one of the weather forecast application.

Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline is one of the best apps for weather forecasts if you want accurate details about locations whether it is your current one or a distant one. This app is highly customizable as it includes many customizing features that make it more elegant and advanced.

It has widgets and gives accurate and advanced information about the target location. You can check for skimmed up details of the weather or you can dive deep in to get more advanced and minute details about the places of your choice.

Google Weather

Google is dominating almost everything. So, why not the weather app. Google has a weather forecasting application known as Google Weather which gives you minute details about the current weather. You can also check the weather forecast for the upcoming days.

Widgets and customizations are inbuilt and there is a widget named “Weather at a Glance” which helps you to see and skim off the general details about today’s weather. With Google’s trust and dominance, no one can say NO to this amazing weather forecast application.


Want to know what this abbreviation stands for? What does it mean? It stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration. Wanna know why it is named so? Because the application gets its weather forecast details from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is a perfect app for weather loving nerds because it gives advanced details about today’s and upcoming day’s weather.

Weather Bug

Weather Bug is one of the oldest weather predicting application. It is a great choice for Android users for its simple and easy to use user interface. It claims to be powered by “the world’s largest network of professional weather stations” and surprisingly, it proves that too.

This app is a bit different from the others in its features. Some of the extended features provided in Weather Bug is its heat index, pollen count and UV index. It also has some amazing widgets to check your weather accurately on the go!

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the best known Android applications for forecasting weather accurately and precisely. This one has a vast collection of features. We’ll discuss some of them here. A feature named “Extended Forecasts” tells you the details of the weather details of upcoming days which are generally accurate.

“Current Conditions” help the user to get present details of the location he/she is in. “Live Radar Maps” shows you graphs, world maps and tells various geographical factors. “Storm Alerts” does exactly what its name suggests, that is, it notifies you of the upcoming storms, rain, and snowfalls.


So, these were the latest and the best apps available on the Play store for Android. As we saw, they all are surprisingly good in their own aspects. All of them are free and can be downloaded from the traditional Play Store. However, in-app purchases are common in almost every application. If you forgot which application was good for what purpose, don’t worry, we’ll sum it all up for you so that you don’t have to scroll all the way up again.

  • Today Weather is a new but surprisingly good application that greets the user with his/her name and tells accurate details about the weather. Notification system and advanced details are provided to the user.
  • Yahoo Weather shows different pictures according to the location the user has selected. The images are usually taken from Flickr, Yahoo’s official image service.
  • Dark Sky has an amazing “Hyper-Local” feature that helps you to get details about rains and storms that are about to happen in your areas. “Do not disturb” mode is also provided.
  • 1Weather is a nice application puffed with widgets that are fully customizable. However, the user may experience some ads which can be got rid of by paying a one time fee of 1.99$.
  • AccuWeather is the perfect application for weather forecasting. It has a Dark Interface which totally looks cool and has a “Minute Cast” feature that tells you exactly when a storm or rain is going to happen.
  • Weather Timeline is famous for its vast collection for widgets. It also has widgets that show general details of present day so that you never miss info.
  • Google Weather is Google’s official weather service that tells you weather forecasts for the next 7 days. It also has a “Weather at a Glance” which tells you skimmed up details of the present weather condition.
  • NOAA is powered by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and provides precise details to its users. It is useful for nerds because of its in-depth knowledge about the present weather conditions.
  • Weather Bug has some extra features which are not provided in other applications. Some of them are Heat Index, UV Index, and Pollen Count.
  • Finally. Weather Channel has many features such as Extended forecasts, storm alerts, live radar system and current conditions which helps you to know your surrounding weather accurately.

These were the 10 best apps for weather forecast android which are famous in 2019. We’ll try to keep the list updated and do tell us in the comments if you like to suggest any changes in the list.

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