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Best Free Music Apps for Android

Music, just like other arts, is what touches our soul and fits our mood. Anyone who’s been into music from a long time knows the marvelous part that music keeps rolling in one’s memory. Well, there were days when people used to download Mp3 of every song they wanted to listen and now, we can just stream music online. Right?

Music has been the best way of entertainment for all the audiophiles out there. But the way we listen to it keeps on changing, the whole evolution of music started from downloading the Mp3s and as now everyone’s streaming the music online, Piracy is no longer the easiest way to listen to music. In result, music streaming apps are growing at a much higher rate nowadays. So, we have the list of top 10 music streaming apps for your Android Smartphone:

1. Spotify

Spotify is an amazing app for music streaming on your Android Smartphone that has a  generous library and various stations for streaming. It allows users to create their own stations and playlists as well. Spotify also holds a record of your recently heard songs, your playlists as well as your favorite artists, playlists, and songs all together at one place. You can listen to any artist or album of your liking in shuffle mode and you can also sync your music from your desktop. Spotify is available on various platforms and is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Windows Phone. It can also be installed on PCs running on Windows and MacOS.

You can download it for free from the PlayStore or just click here.

2. Google Play Music

While most music streaming apps came and went down but Google Play Music has still managed to maintain its position, it’s one of the best options for your Android Smartphone.

If you have lots of music stored offline on your device, it helps you with its key feature, which allows users to upload up to 50,000 songs for personal streaming. If you combine your best library of songs with an online service, then this app is for you. It allows you to play any artist, albums, playlists along with your personal collection of music.

It has a paid version too, which has its own perks, but not everyone will need it since the free one isn’t bad, you can enjoy your music anywhere anytime. It is also rumored that Google Play Music is going to be replaced with Google’s new Youtube Music.

You can download it from the PlayStore or just click here.

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most unique music streaming app as it not only focuses on what’s trending right now. It allows every artist to upload their songs and those songs can be played by anyone anywhere in the world, this feature makes it the most unique music streaming app. SoundCloud has more than a million songs and all tracks are of various varieties, If one is looking for music on SoundCloud, it won’t disappoint the user. It has a lot of variety of shows, podcasts as well. SoundCloud also offers a paid version of it and on the paid version, users can listen to the music of popular artists, otherwise, if anyone’s looking for a variety of music other than the popular ones, SoundCloud is a good place to explore.

You can download it for free from PlayStore or just Click Here.

4. Amazon Music

Amazon Music can also be a good option for the Amazon Prime members as it accompanies the Amazon Prime Video. It is free for the Amazon Prime members and boasts a lot of songs, users can download and stream music online on this App. Amazon Music provides its users with a good user interface and it’s loaded with a variety of fresh songs. Amazon Music is completely Ads free and users can choose from across 12 Indian Languages such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani. If you are an Amazon’s Alexa user, you can also command your Alexa to stream music as Amazon Music is also integrated with Amazon’s Alexa.

You can download it for free from PlayStore or just Click Here.

5. JioSaavn

Saavn has been popular music streaming app from a long time now and regular music listeners know very well about it. On PlayStore, it is one of the most grossing music streaming apps in the music category. It allows it’s users the access to play unlimited songs of their favorite genres. All songs including Bollywood, English and other content from various regions and in various languages are available on JioSaavn. It allows users to create their own playlists or users can play online radios and can listen to music according to their liking, mood, genre or artist.

You can download it from PlayStore or just Click Here.

6. Gaana

In the industry of Online music streaming apps, Gaana is one of the popular apps nowadays.

It has one of the highest user bases as well. Gaana boasts songs of various variety including many Indian Languages like Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati and many more languages apart from Hindi and English. Gaana provides a very good user interface with lots of features. On Gaana, users can also access the lyrics of their favorite songs. Gaana comes along with an inbuilt voice assistant which can play songs on your voice commands.

It also has a Song Finder inbuilt which can hear the songs playing near you and can detect them for you. It also has a paid version of it. The Paid version will allow you to download the songs in your library and will get you rid of all the Ads.

You can download it for free from PlayStore or just Click Here.

7. Hungama Music

Another Competitor in the Streaming Industry is Hungama Music. Hungama Music provides varieties from Old Hindi songs to International music all at one place in the Hungama Music app. It boasts a variety of music for various moods and genres. It allows users to access the lyrics and it also has an inbuilt music player which you can use to play the songs stored on your device. On the Hungama Music, you are provided with songs from all regions and languages including Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani and many more. There is an award system as well which gives you points upon doing several tasks like watching videos, sharing songs, etc. The points earned helps users in getting the premium account which gives access to Ad-free downloadable content.

You can download it from PlayStore or just Click Here.

8. Wynk

Wynk has been a very popular name since its launch and it has still maintained its position in the Top List. Wynk is Airtel’s own music streaming application and Airtel users get many features to use. Other network users can’t get much of it as this app allows the Non-Airtel users to stream just 100 songs per month. But, If you’re an Airtel network user, this might be the best app for you as Wynk offers music from across the globe including various regional music and in different languages such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Oriya. Wynk also offers a paid version of it by which users can get rid of all the Ads and can enjoy all the songs in a more entertaining way without streaming any ads in between their playlist of favorite songs.

You can download it for free from PlayStore or just Click Here.

9. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is an American Music Steaming service which offers its users to stream live news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts. It has a huge user base of over 60 million monthly active users. It’s known for its talk radio and comedy radio offerings. It offers a huge variety of music to its users and it has over 100,000 stations which contain songs of almost every genre. TuneIn provides FM and AM radio stations as well and these stations can be streamed online using your Mobile data. Similarly, like other apps, this one too provides a paid version, which has its own perks but for a casual user who only needs to stream music online, the free version will do the job.

You can download it from PlayStore or just Click Here.

10. Apple Music

If you’re an Apple user, we assume you already know about this one but this is one of the best music streaming music app which will run on your Android device as well. It has a very surprising and refreshing user interface. It has lots of playlists created by the most popular music editors just for you. Apple Music provides you with the 24/7 radio stations to stream music. Well, this app does not provide you free songs but it offers a 3 months free trial, which you can cancel anytime you want. This app also provides the lyrics along with the song played. This app requires a premium subscription of Rs.60 per month if you’re a student, and, other users can get the same for Rs.120 per month.

If you are more into the English songs, the popular artist often releases their songs on Apple Music, So, you can get yourself a large library of fresh and the most popular songs all at one place. This app suggests personalized suggestions as well according to the playlists, genres you like to listen.

You can download it from PlayStore or just Click Here.

So, this was the list of our Top 10 Music streaming apps, Hope you found something for you according to your needs. If you liked the article, please share it on Social Media and help your friends get the best music streaming app as well.

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